For smooth operating draft-free historic sash windows

Save Amsterdam’s historic sash windows!

This may seem like a rather romantic ideal, and not really practical, especially from the perspective of people living in Amsterdam’s historic houses, however please bear with me.

Historic window frames are likely to have distorted, to varying degrees over time, due to movement in the structure of the building. Which can be clearly seen in many historic buildings in Amsterdam. This adds to the romantic nature of the city but makes living in historic houses with uninsulated sash windows often less so, unless you find high energy bills and cold feet romantic!

Even a small distortion of the frame can result in a sash window not running smoothly, not closing properly and an increased level of draft. English Heritage conducted a study into the thermal performance of typical single glazed historic sash windows (see link); they found that over 60% of heat was lost through draft alone.

These problems often lead to the window being unnecessarily replaced.

There is an alternative:

Schuifraam Amsterdam offers a cost-effective draft proofing service, which at the same time ensures a smooth sliding, well closing sash window.

The draft proofing service we offer gives an appropriate level of insulation, in terms of warmth and also sound, and most importantly your historic windows are preserved.

The materials we use for draft proofing are of the highest quality and chosen for their suitability and durability.

Sprung bronze strips are central to the system and are always used on either side of the window frame, installed with bronze nails at 3cm intervals; traditional bronze strips are very durable, provide a good seal and help the sash window glide smoothly.

Other materials used to insulate the top and bottom rail include rubber O-profiles and felt.

“David has taken on the draft proofing of our sash windows very well. In a historic building it is always difficult to achieve a high level of comfort, without affecting the the historic character. David has made excellent solutions to problems, the sash windows slide smoothly and the draft has gone.”

Anton, Stichting Monument
Keizersgracht 556

The service we provide consists of:

  • Cleaning of weight box and lubrication of pulley wheel
  • Shaving sides of window where required to ensure it fits well and will run smoothly
  • Installation of draft proofing
  • Cleaning of glass

Optional extras:

  • Sash cord replacement 15 euros + btw per cord.
  • Adjusting sash weights to ensure a balanced sash window. Cost assessed depending on requirements.

Cost indication:

Typical cost of this service for a sash window, based on the height of the lower moving element measuring 120cm, would be 255 euros, including btw and the business operates with a bakfiets (box bike), so no parking costs.


David West
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David West
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David West

David West has an honors degree in fine art sculpture; he later went on to study historic building conservation at postgraduate level. He has been involved in many aspects of historic building restoration for over twenty-five years. The last five of which have been here in Amsterdam.